About the Owner

John Sweet

In 1981, I purchased land in the area and wanted to build the best house I could. I became interested in timber framing because it seemed like it would provide me with the most value for my effort. The aesthetics of my home is also important to me. I liked the visual impact a timber frame home provides. I built my home by myself, with help from my family, Dad, Brother, Wife and 11-year-old son.

After completing my home, another local person saw my efforts. He liked it enough to ask me to build one identical for him. That was my beginning. Reading the available timber frame books, asking questions to the old-timers, looking at the old, but still straight barns and Grange Halls still standing. That was what influenced me.

Along this journey my son, John, joined me as a timber framer and designer. He is an integral part of the Sweet Timber Frames business.

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